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NoWhere To Hide

NoWhere To Hide

Significance / Content / Development / Thanks

Completed in time for Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, and July 4th 2015.

“NoWhere To Hide” is an illustration created to commemorate all the faithful military and civilian personnel who have served, are serving now, and will serve in the Defense of the United States; and, as thanks to our Allies, and recognition of our Foes.

“NoWhere To Hide” has been called a “Tapestry Of American History”, a “Collage Of International Military Hardware”, a “Record Of U.S. National Treasures”, and a “Composition Of The Heart”.

The Central Figure of “NoWhere To Hide” is the American National Icon; the Bald Eagle; screaming in this case; evoking thoughts of U.S. and Allied determination during times of testing, and by association with the unit icon of the 101st Airborne Division. In one eye of the Screaming Eagle is the Washington Monument, in the other the St. Louis Arch, and behind a Rocky Mountain Landscape; symbolizing three of the many geographic areas where “Watchmen On The Wall” serve to keep America safe.

The “NoWhere To Hide” Banner-Phrase represents the idea that our Foes, America and our Allies have nowhere to hide easily; not from each other, nor from ourselves. Advanced Technologies, News Media, and other means have made the world smaller; making our actions, motivations, and responsibilities more apparent.

Wrapped around the Screaming Eagle and extending down through the Banner is the American National Flag; but not just any flag; it was drawn from a personal prop; the burial flag of my father; himself a WWII B-29 photo-recon Pilot.

Woven throughout the image are 300+ pieces of international military equipment, and key American icons, memorials, munitions, and battle scenes; spanning from before the American Revolution, through major conflicts, and into the future. Content for “NoWhere To Hide” was suggested by many; making “NoWhere To Hide” a large group effort, not just the effort of a single artist. Each entry can be located by quadrant using the Locator Key on the “NoWhere To Hide” Inventory List.

Link to complete "NoWhere To Hide" Inventory List with Locator Key:

The international military equipment in the Inventory List is divided into five main categories: Air, Ground, Missiles, Navy and Munitions; Pre-1776 to present and beyond. Selection for American, Allied, and Foe entries was based upon familiarity, historical significance, innovation, and sometimes obscure but noteworthy events.

Some examples: The Enola Gay B-29, 332nd Tuskegee Airmen P-51 Mustang (note the Red Tail), Union Army Observation Balloon “Intrepid” and Flying Circus Dr1 Fokker Triplane are among the 70+ air entries. Ground equipment (60+) includes the Verbruggen 3-Pounder Canon, the M4 Sherman Medium Battle Tank (note the word “Ungestuk” on the barrel; GR=Fury With A Storm), the M1862 Gatling Gun, “King” Tiger II Main Battle Tank, and the Electro-Magnetic Rail Gun. For Missiles (40+); the Congreve Rocket (of “Rocket’s Red Glare”), Hale Battlefield Rockets (forming the exclamation marks following the “NoWhere To Hide” Banner), CSA Hybrid-Fuel Rocket (launched from Richmond at Washington D.C. during the Civil War with Jefferson Davis present), Minuteman III, SS-27 Topol Road-Mobile ICBM, and International Space Station. For Navy (40+): the CSS Hunley, HMS Bounty, USS Constitution, Monitor and Merrimack, USS Arizona, Akula II, and Prototype Combat Submersible. For Munitions: Bouncing Dam-Buster Bomb, Daisy-Cutter, Fat Man, Little Boy, MOAB, and MOP (Massive Ordinance Penetrator). Those are 30 of the 300+.

Interspersed with the international military equipment are noteworthy American Icons, Memorials, Monuments and Battle Scenes. The Arizona Memorial above-water turret ring is there, and the Constitution VS Java, D-Day Beach Assault, Clash of the Monitor and Merrimack, and UCAV flight above the USS GHW Bush. Also, one of the two WWII Memorial “Kilroy Was Here” Engravings is included, as well as the recently completed Freedom Tower flanked by Ghost Images of the 911 World Trade Towers. Then, there are the White House, Supreme Court, Mount Rushmore, Monument Valley, Hoover Dam, Iwo Jima Flag Raising, Independence Hall, Statue of Liberty, and Liberty Bell.

So, as you can see, the entries for “NoWhere To Hide” cover a wide swath of American and International History. Inevitably, some things were excluded, and some things included that may cause one to pause, but, the content is generally thought to be compelling, and will make searching for entries and discovering their significance a challenging and rewarding endeavor - while increasing an awareness of American and World History.

A sustained effort was made to be faithful to geometry and detail; no matter how large or small the entry; no matter the look-angle; giving the viewer enough visual cues for entries to be more easily recognized. If, you are equipment-savvy and persistent.

“NoWhere To Hide” was begun in the Fall of 2013, and completed and made public in time for Armed Forces Day, 16 May, Memorial Day, 26 May, and, of course July 4th 2015; a fitting period of disclosure. In early 2014 I showed one of the initial concept sketches to my dying Mother just days before her passing. Her last coherent words were: “Oh MY, I LIKE that!” And, with that, and the encouragement of family, friends and co-workers I knew I had to continue in earnest, giving it my all.

The size, location, and drawing techniques used to produce and place the entries do not necessarily relate to their importance. Sometimes, the positioning, color, and orientation of an entry has more to do with composition (carrying the viewer’s eye through the illustration) or, with placing associated entries near each other to provoke understanding (Arizona Memorial, D-Day Beach Assault Scene, Statue Of Justice; Q3).

For entertainment, 15+ “Spoof Entries” were also sprinkled throughout the image: Find the Paper Airplane, Slingshot, Whistling Dixie Bottle Rocket, and Rubber Duck (Air, Ground, Missiles, Navy). Then too, find the Pet Rock, Mobile Home and Kitchen Sink.

“NoWhere To Hide” is both serious and fun, and engaging and challenging as you work your way through the history, meanings, and possible personal memories. In a nod to those who have served I included equipment they had had personal experience with; adding personal touches like their nose-art to their former aircraft and names on tanks.

A tip: If you secure a copy of “NoWhere To Hide” be sure to request and keep handy the Inventory List; which, again, can be viewed at this link:

Using the Inventory List Locator Key, check off the entries as you find them, clockwise quadrant by quadrant. You may want to share insights with your family, friends, fellow service members, co-workers, classmates, and others. It could be an interesting journey for many. Request a pdf of the Inventory List by emailing

Sincere thanks and respect goes to all who have faithfully stood with America.


Time Of Execution: 600 Hours

Technique / Media: Research, Graphite Transfer, Etching, Illustration, Painting, Erasure, Fixing; 100% Cotton Rag Illustration Board, Graphite, 50 Prismacolors, Permanent / Non-Permanent Inks, White Gouache

Size: 24" x 30"