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Patton's Prayer

Patton's Prayer

"The True Story Of The Patton Prayer" was completed for the 38th Infantry Division, Indiana Army National Guard.

During 911 the original was hanging in the Army Chief Chaplain's Office of the Pentagon; 3rd tier back; on the side the plane hit. Because the edge of the frame was facing the blast the frame was damaged but the illustration survived; and is on display in the Army Chief Chaplain's Office to this day.

As for the "true story" of Patton's Prayer; the 101st Airborne Division was besieged in Bastogne in WWII, the weather was adverse, and Patton ordered Chaplain O'Neil to "write a fair-weather prayer" so air assets and 3rd Army Tanks could overcome German Units surrounding Bastogne. O'Neil complied, and 250,000 copies of the prayer were printed and distributed to all of 3rd Army and within 24 hours of the receipt of the prayer the weather broke, Allied air and ground power surged forth, the German Army was pushed back, and the 101st in Bastogne was relieved.

Some have thought that though Patton ordered the prayer, and O'Neil drafted it, the prayer was really the 3rd Army's - and the 101st Airborne's.

Coincidence? Or, a Miracle?

Time Of Execution: 100 Hours
Size: 24" x 36"
Technique / Media: Graphite, Etching