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Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells Colorado; 1st Son Jason's Wedding Present Landscape

This ordinary landscape belongs to the Americana Series for two reasons: though less recognized it is an iconic American Landscape known throughout the middle west, and my son is an ardent patriot. Jason and his Bride Brittany Love America - as do Dixie and I and all our family - and Jason and Brittany requested Maroon Bells specifically - so it became a Wedding Present - and is a very special place for them. A review of the Illustration Inventory may help you understand the connection with patriotism.


The 7 Maroon Bells Peaks: ...a well-known and much photographed Colorado landmark - is a singularly beautiful place. All wildlife is indigenous.

7 Eagles: one with “National Olive Branch and Arrows”, one with freshly fished “Rainbow Trout”, one with the “Don’t Tread On Me Snake”... ...then four more - find ‘em - in the Background Skyscape...

5 Colorado Columbines: the Colorado State Flower, and 5 Wild Mountain Daisies...

Then there are 5 Black Bears, 5 Moose, and 5 Longhorn Mountain Sheep...

Jason and Brittany are hidden arm-on-shoulders in the foreground... ..and there are indications of family members, friends, and possible future offspring.

Two Schnauzers - one gray, one black - memories for Jason - are hidden in the mix.

Jason especially wanted Yellow Aspens - and that is what he got , as well as Mountain Ground Fog working through the Maroon Peaks, Valley, and Lake.

A Mountain Sun Cloudburst, Triple Rainbow, and two Sun-Dogs elude to a passing storm and future hope, and highlight the beauty of West Central America; a great setting for a Wonderful Family in the Making.

Time Of Execution: 150 Hours
Technique / Media: Etched Rendered Mixed Graphite and HDR-Style Prisma-Color (61 Colors)
Size: 11" x 17"

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