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Decatur Transfer House

The Scene: July 4, 1940 in downtown Decatur, Illinois. The Decatur Transfer House is a National Landmark and typifies Midwest Life at the time. Seven base photographs were used to generate the seven main subjects: Decatur Transfer House, three background building sets, and three 1940's modes of transportation linked directly to the Transfer House at that time. Note the Bus, Trolley, and of course the 1940 Ford Deluxe Convertible. In addition, seven U.S. Flags adorn the setting, the date can be seen on the Trolley, and Donna's Name is on the license plate of the 'Vert.

The illustration was requested by Bob and Connie Wiley as a 2012 Christmas Gift for Connie's sister Donna Collins who resides in Indy.

Time Of Execution: 40 Hours
Technique / Media: Etched Rendered Graphite
Size: 9" x 17"

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