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300+ Entries And Challenges: Listed Alpha-Numerically by Category

Historical Inventory from Before 1776 Through Future; U.S. / Allies / Foes

600+ Hours Research, Production, and Disclosure Time

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INVENTORY LOCATOR KEY: In Clockwise Quadrants By Center-Of-Mass

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AH-64D Apache Longbow Q2: Nap-Of-Earth Anti-Armor Advanced Attack Helicopter

Aichi M6A1 Seiran Q4: Launched from Deck of WWII I-400 Class Japanese Sub

Albatross D.V Q2: Long-Fly, Highly Aerodynamic WWI German Fighter

AV-8B Harrier Jump Jet Q1: Vertical and Short Takeoff-Landing Capable

AWACS Q2: EW Pulse-Doppler Radar Detects Low-Flying Aircraft over Ground

A-10 Warthog Q3: Close Air Support; Formula 1 Drivers Adopted Titanium Pilot’s Tub

Bell X-1 Glamorous Glennis Q1: Chuck Yeager; First Aircraft to Break Sound Barrier

Bell X-15 Q2: Highest Speed Manned Aircraft; Reached Edge of Space

B-1 Lancer Q1: Only Active Sweep-Wing Bomber: Nuke Back to Conventional

B-2 Spirit Q1: 1st Stealth Bomber; with Standoff Smart Weapons

B-17 Flying Fortress Q3: Dropped Most Bombs of any US Aircraft in WWII

B-24 Liberator Q3: “Flying Boxcar”; Most-Produced Heavy Bomber in History

B-25 Mitchell Q2: Multi-Use Medium Bomber; First WWII Aircraft to Bomb Japan

B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay Q3: Hiroshima First Atomic Attack; 1st Pressurized

B-52 Stratofortress Q1: Longest Service Record US Bomber; First Flight 1952

Cessna 172 Q3: Most Produced Aircraft; Recon, Rescue, Artillery Fire Direction

CH-47 Chinook Q1: Twin-Rotor Transport Helo; Fastest Helo in Current Use

Cobra Gunship Q2: 1st Purpose-Designed Fast Attack Helicopter; Vietnam-Present

Curtis Jenny Q1: Recon Variant, 50mm Graphlex Camera, Trainer, Later Barnstormer

C-47 Skytrain Q1: Most Produced Cargo Aircraft, Still in Worldwide Use

C-130 Hercules Q2: Transport Turboprop; Variants in Use 1950’s >; 72 Countries

D-Day Barrage Balloon Q1: Metal Cable Tethered Blimp; Used for Air Approach Denial

Dr1 Fokker Triplane Q1: Flown by Manfred Von Richthofen and German Flying Circus

F-4 Phantom Q2: Mach 2.2 Fighter-Bomber-Interceptor; Last to Achieve Ace Status

F4U Corsair Q1: Gull-Wing Carrier Fighter-Bomber; Longest Piston-Engine Prod Run

F-14 Tomcat Q1x2: Air Superiority Fleet Defense Fighter; also Flown by Iran VS Iraq

F-15 Eagle Q2: Origins in Vietnam; Tac-Air Superiority Fighter; Maneuver Over Speed

F-16 Falcon Q3: Multi-Superiority Fighter; Frameless Canopy; 4500+Built; 28 Cntrys

F-18 Hornet Q1: Fighter-Escort; Fleet Defense; Survivable; 8 Countries; Many Variants

F-22 Raptor Q4: Stealth Tac Fighter; Considered Unmatched; Most Outstanding Built

F-35 Lightening Q2x2: Small, Thrust-Vectoring Stealth-F-22; Adv’d Helmet Display

F-86 Sabre Jet Q1: US 1st Swept-Wing Fighter; Countered MIG-15 Over North Korea

F-111 Aardvark Q2: Interdictor-Strat-Bomber; EW; Influenced Later Sweep Designs

F-117 Nighthawk Q3: 1st Total Stealth Ground-Attack Fighter-Bomber; F-22 Replaced

Gotha G.V Q2: First Strategic Saturation Heavy Bomber; London WWI; Mostly Night

Hindenburg LZ 129 Q2: Political Tool; Hindenburg Passenger Class; Disaster

IL-76 Candid Q2: “Cold-War” Military Transport; In “Peacekeeper ’95” Trained in US

Intrepid Union Observation Balloon Q1: By Telegraph, First Aircraft To Direct Artillery

Junkers JU-87 Stuka Q2: “Propagada” Dive Bomber; Gull Wings, Sirens, Dive Brakes

Lockheed U-2 Q1: High-Altitude Intel, Francis Gary Powers Shot Down-Cuba; 1955>

ME-109 (Bf 109) Q3: Most Produced Fighter; Many Variants; Spanish CW to Jet Age

ME-163 Komet Q3: Only Operational Rocket-Powered Fighter; 700 MPH; Short Flight

ME-262 Swallow Q2: 1st Operational Jet-Powered Fighter; 1st Mass-Prod Turbo-Jets

MIG 15 Fagot Q2: Most-Produced Jet Fighter; Swept Wing; “MIG Alley”; F-86 Foe

MIG 17 Fresco Q1: “Super MIG 15”; Vietnam; Thin “Sickle-Sweep” Wings; Afterburner

MIG 21 Fishbed Q2: Most-Produced Supersonic Fighter / Combat Aircraft Since Korea

MIG 29 Fulcrum Q3: Advanced Air-Superiority Multi-Use; 30 Country Use; F-15 Foe

Mitsubishi G4M Betty Q3: “Cigar”; Main Land-Base Japanese Attack-Bomber of WWII

Mitsubishi Zero Q3: Long-Range Carrier-Based Fighter that Attacked Pearl Harbor

Mi-24 Hind Q2: Large Attack / Gunship / Troop Transport Helo; 1972 to Present

MXY7 Ohka Q2: “Cherry Blossom”; Japanese Rocket-Powered Kamikaze Aircraft

Predator B Q1: 1st Hunter-Killer Persistent-Surveillance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

P-38 Lightning Q2: Twin-Boom; Central Nacelle; Multi-Role Including Photo-Recon

P-47 Thunderbolt Q1: Most-Flown Fighter-Bomber of WWII; Most Kills of Any Aircraft

P-51 Mustang Q1: 332nd Tuskegee Airman Red Tails; Best Bomber Escort Record

Sopwith Camel Q1: Powerful Rotary Engine WWI Fighter; Unmatched Maneuverability

Spad VII Q1: Flown by Lafayette Escadrille; Rugged; Fast-Climbing; Overhead-Cam

SR-71 Blackbird Q1: Mach 3+ Recon; Out-Accelerates Missiles; Fastest Air-Breather

Siemens-Schuckert R VIII Q3: WW1 BMBR; WS 157.5’ (B-29 149’); Largest Biplane

Supermarine Spitfire Q1: Elliptical-Wing Interceptor; Backbone of RAF Fighter CMD

TQC Q4: Tactical Quadcopter; Back-Packable Squad-Level Surveillance

TU-22 Backfire Q1: Supersonic, Variable Sweep-Wing Strike Bomber; 100+ In Use

TU-95 Bear Q1: Long-Range Turbo-Prop Swept-Wing Strategic Bomber; 1956>

TU-160 Blackjack Q1: Variable-Wing Strategic Bomber; Largest Combat Aircraft

UCAV Q1,2: Advanced Class Land-Carrier Based Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle

UH-1 Iroquois Huey Q3: Most-Produced Helo; Many Variants; Dust-Off Shown; 1956>

UH-60 Blackhawk Q2: Medium-Lift Utility Helo; Multi-Use Twin-Turbo; 1979 to Present

V-22 Osprey Q3: Multi-Mission Tilt-Rotor; VTOL-STOL; Replaced USMC Sea Knight


AAVP7A1 RAM/RS Q4: Tracked Marine Amphibious Landing Vehicle; Beach Assault

A7V Q4: Only German Tank to see Battlefield Operations in WWI

BMP-1 IFV Q4: Most Produced Tracked Amphibious IFV; for TDs

Bradley IFV Q4: For Recon w/M1A2; Destroyed more Iraqi Armor than Abrams

BTR-60PB APC Q3: Most Produced 8x8 Amphibious Troop Transporter; for MRDs

Centurion Q2: Most Produced British Tank; 1943 On; Variants / Mods Still in Use

Churchill AVRE Q3: Brit “Hobart Funny”; Anti-Barbed Wire “Bobbin” for D-Day

DPV Q2: Desert Patrol Vehicle; Navy Seals; 1st in Kuwait; M2, 19, 60, 136, 249

D-30 Q3: Direct-Indirect Fire Gun-Howitzer; 60 Countries; Inspired by German 88

Electro-Magnetic Rail Gun Q1: Hyper-Velocity, Long-Range Precision Projectile

Gatling Gun M1862 Q1: Forerunner of Machine Gun, Used by Union Army in Civil War

Harley Davidson WLA Q4: Heavy Army WWII Motorcycle; Rifle Scabbard, Side Bags

Heavy Gustave 800mm Rail Gun Q3: Largest Diameter Gun Ever Produced

Hercules ARV Q3: Used by 21 Countries; Service Since Vietnam; Unsurpassed

Hummer Q3: HMMWV Replaced JEEP; Variants Evolved; TOW, Milan, Hot, Etc.

Jagdpanther Q1: Heavy Tank Destroyer; Turret-Less Casemate; King Tiger II 88 Gun

“King” Tiger II Q3: Most Effective and Devastating German Heavy Tank of WWII

LRAD Q3: Long Range Acoustic Device; IDF Shofar (Ram’s Horn) on David LAV

Mark V Q1: Most Powerful and Reliable of the British Mark-Variant WWI Tanks

Merkava IV Q3: Latest IDF “Chariot” Variant; with Trophy Active Protection System

MRAP Q4: Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected Vehicle; Designed to Withstand IEDs

M1A2 Abrams Q1,4: 3rd Variant of 3rd Gen US MBT; 68 Tons; in Current Use

M3 Halftrack Q3: Quad-.50 Variant; “Purple Heart Box”; 50K+ Made; M113 Precursor

M3 Stuart Q2: “Honey”; 1st US Tank to enter WWII; 1st w/US Crew to Engage Enemy

M4 Sherman Q1: Most Produced US Tank; Outclassed GR LT/MD Tanks; Gyro Gun

M42A1 Duster Q2: Twin 40mm ADA; M41 Chassis; 1953-59; Anti-Personnel Vietnam

M48 Patton Q1: 1st Generation US MBT; Vietnam; 90-105mm; Turkey has 1400

M50 Ontos Q3: 6x106mm Recoilless Rifle; Tank/INF Killer; Vietnam Marine Used

M60 Patton Q2: 2nd Generation US MBT; “Cold War Patton”; In Service In World

M65 Atomic Annie Q4: 1953, US 280mm, Twin Prime Mover Towed Nuclear Canon

M109 SPH Q3: Service Since Vietnam, Now Paladin; Variants in Use in 48 Countries

M132 Flame Track Q4: Napalm / Backpack; With M113 Variants - Most Produced APC

M551 Sheridan Q3: Largest Diameter US Tank Canon; 152mm; Shillelagh Missile

M1070 Oshkosh HET Q1: 70-Ton Capability; Can Handle M1A2 Abrams; Powerful

Namer Q3: IDF Merkava-Based APC; at 66 Tons - Heaviest APC Ever Produced

Pack Howitzer Q3: “Mountain Guns” in use since mid-1800’s; 105mm; WWII Famous

Panther Ausf. G Q3: GR Med Tank; Sloped like T-34; Diesle, More Mobile; HV 76mm

Panzer IV Ausf. J Q2: “Guderian’s Tank”; 75mm Anti-Tank Gun; Up-Armored

Panzer VI Ausf. B Tiger II Q2: 88mm L71 MnGn; 2nd GR Sloped Armor; 70 Tons

Panzer VIII Maus Q3; GR Super Heavy Tank; 207 Tons; 128mm Main Gun; 2 Built

PT-76 Q1: Light Amphibious Tank; 1951-69; 76.2 Mn Gn; NVN; Helped Take Saigon

Renault FT17 Q2: FR WWI LT; 1st Modern Tank w/rot. turret, front crew, rear engine

Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad Q4: With 3.7cm Pak.36 ATG and Stielgranate 41 Shape Charge

Stryker IFV Q1: 8x4-8 for Urban-Speed; Anti-IED Hull; MA-Duce - 30mm Chain Gun

Type 95 Ha-Go Q2: JP LT; 37mm MnGn, Lost to M3 Stuart in 1st Tank Battle of WWII

T-34 Q1: Soviet MT; Most Produced WWII; Slope Design; 76mm MnGn; 45 Countries

T-54B Q2: With Other T54-55 Variants; Most Produced Tank in World

T-72 Q4: @20K 2nd Most Produced MBT; 2nd Gen; 40 Countries; 125mm MnGn

T-80 Q4: 3rd Gen MBT; 1st w/Gas Turbine; 1st Use 1st Chechen War; 125mm MnGn

T-90 Q4: Mod’n 3rd Gen MBT; 125mm MnGn; 2B Replaced - Armata Uni-CBT Platform

Verbruggen 3-Pounder Q4: Common Revolutionary War Naval and Ground Canon

VW 181 “Thing” Q3: WWII German Army JEEP; 2WD Off-Road; Sold in US ’73-4

V3 Q4: 430’/150mm Solid Fl Herringbone Acell Super-Gun; Pas-De-Calais / London

Willys Jeep Q3: LT 4WD UTE; 106mm Recoilless Rifle Variant; Approx. 643K in WWII

ZSU-23-4 Q4: 4x23mm SPAAG; AAA “Sewing Machine”; Outclassed all NATO at Time

Zundapp KS750 Q3: German WWII Heavy Motorcycle with Sidecar and LT MG

12-Pounder Napoleon Q4: Ball, Shell, Canister, Grapeshot; Primary Civil War Canon

13” Union Dictator Mortar Q3: Hvy Civil War Siege Artillery; Also Ironclad Gunboats

2S1 SP Howitzer Q2: Self-Propelled Amphibious 122mm Howitzer; 37 Countries

88mm Flak Gun Q2: Anti-Aircraft/Tank; >25K Produced; Hi-WT Rd, Hi MZL Velocity


Congreve Rocket Q4: Brit; E-Indian Inspired; National Anthem’s “Rocket’s Red Glare”

CSA Hybrid Fuel Rocket Q4: Richmond Launch At D.C. - Jefferson Davis Present

CSSC-2 Silkworm Q1: CH Anti-Ship Missile; Solid Fuel Now; Can be Air-Launched

CSS-X-10 Q1: CH Solid-Fueled RdMb-Silo ICBM, Rg to 9300 Miles; Up to 10 MIRVs

CSS-6 Q2: SRBM; Non-Nuke; Solid-Fuel; TEL-Launched; Bunker-Buster Possible

Frog-7 Q4: Short Rge “Free Rocket Over Ground”; 9M21; TEL Mounted; 19 Countries

Hale Battlefield Rocket Q3: Union Army Battlefield Rocket; 1st Spin-Guided Rocket

Hubble Space Telescope Q1: Launch 1990; Most Versatile Deep Space Survey

International Space Station Q2: Intl. Space Enviro-Research; Moon-Mars Haven

IRBM NK Q3: Liquid Fuel; TEL-Launched; Poss. Longest Range North Korean IRBM

Jericho Q3: “Walls Fall Down” Reference; Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile

KH-9 Hexagon Q2: Capture Plane, Film Bucket, Declassified Surveillance Satellite

LePrieur Rocket Q3: FR WWI Incendiary Air-To-Air; 8 Per Biplane Against Airships

Lora Q2: Naval Long Range Attack Quassi-Ballisic Missile; TV Terminal Guidance

Minuteman III Q1: Part of US ICBM “Triad”: Land-Sea-Air Nuclear Deterrent; 1st MIRV

Nike Hercules Q1: Solid Fuel Med-Long Range Air Defense; Replaced by Patriot MDS

Patriot Missile Battery Q4: Top-Tier US Air Defense; Ballistic / Cruise Missiles, Aircraft

ASAT Q3: Possible TEL-Based Developmental Anti-Satellite Missile System

Space Plane Q2: Possible Developmental Land / Sea to Space Aircraft

Saturn V Rocket Q1: Human-Rated Expendable Rocket; 24 US Astronauts to Moon

SA-2 Guideline Q4: High-Altitude Air Defense; Downed U-2 Pilot Francis Gary Powers

SA-13 Gopher Q4: Tracked-Mobile; Visually Aimed ADSys; IR Homing; 28 Countries

SA-17 Grizzly Q2: SP-SA Med-Range Anti-Cruise Missile; Fixed-Rotary Wing; UAV

SA-20 Gargoyle Q3: Top-Tier Air Defense; Ballistic / Cruise Missiles / Aircraft

Scud Q3: Most Produced Tac-Ballistic Missile; 1957>; V2 Offspring; 31 Countries

Shahab III Q4: MRBM; Iran “Meteor”; Similar to North Korean Nodong; 2003-Present

Space Shuttle Q2: Reusable Low Earth Orbital Spacecraft; 135 Missions; 1981-2011

Sputnik Q1: First Artificial Earth Satellite; Initiated Space Race 1957; Radio Pulses

SS-25 Sickle Q4: Silo and Road-Mobile ICBM; Single Warhead; 1985-Present

SS-27 Topol Q4: Silo and Road-Mobile ICBM; MIRV Warhead; 1997-Present

Taepodong-2 Q1: Ballistic Missile or Space Booster; New Variant Up to 3-Stages

Tomahawk CM Q2: Multi-Variant, Long-Range, All-Weather, Subsonic, Cruise Missile

Trident II Q1: Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile; 16 or 24 per Sub; 1990-Present

V1 Buzz-Bomb Q2: WWII Pulse-Jet Engine; Precursor to Cruise Missiles; 1944-1945

V2 Rocket Q2: First Long-Range Ballistic Missile; First Man-Made Object In Space

Weather Satellite Q2: Used to Monitor Land-Sea-Air Weather and Climate Conditions

NAVY: 40+

AAS Q4: Well-Dock Amphibious Assault Ship; V&STOL, Helo; Beach Craft Deploying

Admiral Graf Spee Q3: Pocket Battleship; Raided Allied Merchant Vessels in WWII

Akula II Q4: Nuclear-Powered Attack Sub with Fin-Mounted Towed Sonar Array

ASDS Q3: Stealth Advanced Seal Delivery System Submersible; Sub Deck-Mounted

CSS Alabama Q3: Confederate Raider / Blockade Runner; Sunk By USS Kearsarge

CSS H.L. Hunley Q4: Sank after Sinking Blockader USS Housatonic; Spar Torpedo

CSS Virginia (Merrimack) Q2: 1st Ironclad Clash; Against Union Ironclad Monitor

HMS Bounty Q3: Merchant Vessel of “Mutiny On The Bounty”

HMS JAVA Q3: Damaged, Captured, Burned, Sunk by “Old Ironsides” in War Of 1812

IJN Akagi Q4: 1st Japanese Fleet Carrier; Attacked Pearl Harbor; Scuttled at Midway

IJN Yamato Q3: Largest, Heaviest, Most Powerful Battleship Constructed; 18.1” Guns

I-400 Class Sub Q4: Largest WWII Sub; 3x Aichi M6A1 Seiran Plane Launch Capable

LCA Landing Craft Assault Q3: Landed Troops on Normandy Beach during D-Day

Merrimack (CSS Virginia) Q2: 1st Ironclad Clash; Against Union Ironclad USS Monitor

PA-03 Durham Boat Q3: Used by George Washington to Cross the Delaware

Prototype Combat Submersible Q3: Fast Stealth Underwater Ship-to-Beach Able

P877 Kilo ACS Q4: Diesel-Powered Shallow Water Anti-Ship; in use by 8 Countries

RMS Lousitania Q3: Sunk by U-Boat; 128 Americans Died, Led to US Entering WWI

SS Liberty Ship Q4: Most Produced Ship; Rate Up to 3 Per Day; One Built in <5 Days

SSBN-72 Alaska Q3: Most-Awarded US Ohio-Class Ballistic Missile Submarine

SSN-21 Seawolf With Docked DSRV Q4: Lead Attack-Class Submarine; Versatile

SSN 688 Los Angeles Class Q3: Nuke-Powered Fast Attack Sub; 41 in Commission

The “Turtle” Q3: First US Submersible; First With Combat Record; One Man Crew

TK Typhoon Q3: Largest Sub Built; Could Deploy SLBMs While Moored At Dock

U-Boat Q4: Type VII Most Produced Sub; Wolfpack Tactics; 3000 Vessels Sunk

USS Arizona Q3: Pennsylvania-Class Battleship Sunk at Pearl Harbor

USS Cairo Q4: City-Class Union Ironclad Gunboat; Bomb Vessel Escort; Fort Pillow

USS Cole DDG-67 Q4: Arliegh Burke Class; Aegis Equipped; Terrorist Attacked

USS Constitution “Old Ironsides” Q4: Oldest Commissioned US Naval Vessel Afloat

USS Enterprise CV-6 Q4: More Major Actions against Japan than any other ship

USS George H. W. Bush Q4: Final Nimitz-Class Supercarrier; UCAV Capable

USS Indianapolis Q3: Delivered A-Bomb to Tinian Isle; Sub Sunk; Mass Shark Attack

USS Kearsarge Q4: Sunk CSS Alabama with 11” Dahlgrens in Battle Of Cherbourg

USS Missouri Q4: Last Commissioned Battleship; VJ-Day; Japanese WWII Surrender

USS Monitor Q2: 1st Ironclad Clash - Merrimack; 1st Rotating Gun Turret; 1st Toilet

USS Nautilus SSN-571 Q3: 1st Nuclear-Powered Sub; 1st to Transit North Pole

USS Pueblo Q4: Intel Ship; Captured / Held by North Korea; Still Commissioned

USS Wiley Hat Pin Destroyer Q4: Fletcher-Class Destroyer; Service At End Of WWII

USS Zumwalt Q4: Stealth Destroyer; Low Radar Profile; Sloped Hull Like Merrimack


American Flag Q1-4: 50-Star Old Glory; Illustrated from My Father’s Burial Flag

Arizona Memorial Q4: Above-Water Turret Ring; Oil Slick; All-Hands Interred Within

Bouncing Dam-Buster Bomb Q1: RAF Operation Chastise; Skip-Sink-Explode

Constitution VS Java Q3-4: 29 Dec, 1812; Java was Damaged-Captured-Burned-Sunk

Daisy-Cutter Q1: 15K-Pd Conventional Bomb; Flattens Forest; Creates HLZ / Ron-Site

D-Day Beach Assault LCA Q3: Ferried 31-Man Platoons onto Enemy Beaches

ERGM Q3: “Extended Range Guided Munition”; GPS-Guided Rocket Assist Arty Round

Fat Man Q3: Dropped on Nagasaki by “Bockscar”; 2nd and Last Nuclear Attack

Freedom Tower and Ghost Images of Original Trade Towers Q1: Tribute-Resolve

Hoover Dam Q3: Gothic Arch Gravity Dam; 4,360,000 CuYds Concrete; John Savage

Independence Hall Q3: Declaration Of Independence; US Constitution Adopted There

Iwo Jima Flag Raising Q2: February 23, 1945; Only Pulitzer Prize Won in Year of Pub

JDAM Q3: Inertial / GPS-Guided Bomb Unit (GBU); Conventional Bomb Made “Smart”

Korean War Memorial Engraving “Freedom Is Not Free” Q4: Ghost Soldiers

Liberty Bell Q4: Philly; Icon of US Liberty; Lev 25:10; Made of Copper and Tin

Little Boy Q4: Dropped on Hiroshima by the “Enola Gay”; 1st Nuclear Attack

Maine Mast Memorial Q1: Mast At Arlington Cemetery; Began Spanish-American War

MOAB Q2: “Mother Of All Bombs”; 22.6K Lbs; A “Super” Daisy Cutter With Similar Use

Monitor VS Merrimack Q2: First Ironclad Clash; Hampton Roads; Naval Revolution

Monument Valley Q4: Navajo “Valley Of The Rocks”; John Wayne / John Ford Movies

MOP Q1: “Massive Ordinance Penetrator”; 30K Lb; Deep Underground Hard Targets

Mount Rushmore Q1-2: Keystone, SD; Sculptor Borglum; Began 1927 - Finish 1941

Mountain Storm Q1: In Honor of Military and Civilian Defense Weather-Watchers

NoWhere To Hide Banner Q3-4: Honoring All Those Who Watch Over America

Pentagon Q3: HQ of U.S. DoD; By Bergstrom 1943; 6.5 Mil SF; Plane Hit Army Wing

Rocky Mountains Landscape Q1-2: In Honor of Denver and Beyond

Screaming Eagle Q1-4: In Honor of America and 101st Airborne Division

Space Portal With Orion’s Belt Q2: In Honor of Free Space Exploration & Technology

Statue Of Freedom Q3: Atop U.S. Capitol Building; Bronze; 19.5’; Faces East to IS

Statue Of Liberty Q1: Torch-Bearing French Gift; By Bartholdi; 151’1”; Immigration

St. Louis Arch Q1: In Honor of St. Louis; Left Eagle’s Eye; Western Gate Expansion

Supreme Court Q3: Seat Of U.S. Highest Court; 1 First Street; Temple Of Justice

UCAV First Landing on GHW Bush Q4: 10 July 2013; Ist UAV Arrested Landing

Uncle Sam Q4: J.M. Flagg’s 1917 Poster Image; On Recruiting Posters for WWI-II

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Q4; Architect Maya Lin; “V-Cut” Design; 58,000+ Names

Washington Monument Q2: Honoring D.C. Diamond; Right Eagle’s Eye; U.S. Capitol

White House Q1: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave; John Adams 1st Resident President in 1800

WWII Memorial Engravings “Kilroy Was Here” Q1: 2 Each There and Inconspicuous


Briefing Drums / Perfect Hair / Stolen Water Q3: Co-Worker Spoofs

Incomplete Denture Q3: Smile-Repelling; Anti-Social Warfare Effective

Kitchen Sink Q4: Well, since so much else is included; why not one of these?

Mobile Home Q1: Road-Mobile Multi-Family Dwelling; Earthquake-Tornado Sensitive

Mr. Scruffy Q3: Honor And Respect To 24/7 Warning Heritage

Paper Airplane Q2: Air Spoof

Pet Rock Q2: Homage to 70’s

Rubber Duck Q4: Navy Spoof

Self-Caricatures Q2: Artist & Wife Caricature Spoof

Slingshot Q2; Ground Spoof

Spinning Monkey Q2: Work Release Device; Tradition / Humor / Shift-End Freedom

Whistling Dixie Bottle Rocket Q2; Missile and Wife Spoof

White Flag Q1: In Honor of Dubious Contributions to World Peace


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Time Of Execution: 600 Hours

Technique / Media: Research, Graphite Transfer, Etching, Illustration, Painting, Erasure, Fixing; 100% Cotton Rag Illustration Board, Graphite, 50 Prismacolors, Permanent / Non-Permanent Inks, White Gouache

Size: 24" x 30"