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Wellspring Jail

Wellspring Jail

"Wellspring Jail" is the first illustration for Jerry Slauter's sequel to "Woodcutter's Revival" - entitled "Fine Line"... ...hence the connection to the "fine line" drawing style of the illustrations.

The Christian Adventure Novel "Fine Line" presents Christian messages as the characters track through the 1905 through 1917 historical timeframe. Therefore, in the illustration "Wellspring Jail" we see a still life (with damaged 1905 Kodak Camera, period Derby and Billy Club) played against a police false arrest scene (with Constables, Daryl handcuffed, horse-drawn Police Wagon, and stone Wellspring Jail). Particular faithfulness was paid to geometry, historical equipment accuracy, architecture, and clothing and uniforms. Note the slouch-hatted Constable's .38 caliber revolver - in use in Colorado at the time, the horse's feedbag, the 122 Kodak plate, and the leather-wrapped Billy with wrist strap.

In this scene, Daryl has been falsely arrested for photographing an event, and is being unloaded from the Police Wagon to spend a night in the Wellspring, Colorado Jail.

Time of Execution: 50 Hours
Technique / Media: Fine Line Graphite Rendering
Size: 11" x 14"

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