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Prophet's Rock

Prophet's Rock

"Prophet's Rock" is another illustration for Jerry Slauter's Christian Novel entitled "Fine Line" and shows Daryl with Kodak Camera and Richard in the background atop Prophet's Rock of the Tippecanoe Battlefield.

The rock was altered to convey Shawnee Medicine Man Tenskwatawa, Chief Tecumseh's brother, who spoke from the rock to inspire neighboring tribes to fight William Henry Harrison's U.S. Army on November 7, 1811near present day Lafayette, Indiana. Tenskwatawa rose to prominence after predicting a full solar eclipse in response to Harrison's challenge to prove he had prophetic powers - although some scholars believe Tenskwatawa may have had access to a Farmer's Almanac and astronomers who were in the area at the time. Tecumseh read English and may also have tipped off his brother.

Whatever the case, Tenskwatawa prophesied from atop the rock, saying that Harrison's bullets would not hurt the tribes allied to the Shawnee. But, of course, this turned out not to be true and Harrison won the ensuing battle.

Now, about a century later, we see Daryl and Richard visiting the battlefield and contemplating the history; Daryl with a possible gift of prophesy himself; hence the double meaning of "Prophet's Rock".

Time of Execution: 50 hours
Technique / Media: Etched Fine Line Graphite
Size: 11" x 14"



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