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Recon Dogfight

Recon Dogfight

"Recon Dogfight" shows Daryl with a Graflex camera photographing German positions on the Western Front in June of 1917 - from the rear cockpit of a French Dorand AR A2; a reconnaissance biplane in use by Americans flying in the French Lafayette Escadrille prior to America entering the First World War. Dogfights frequently erupted as Allied and Axis fighter aircraft tried to prevent recon birds from gathering crucial intelligence about enemy positions.

The swirling 21-plane scene depicts aerial combat between Lafayette Escadrille Spad VII's and Fokker Dr.1's of the German Flying Circus. Note the mid-air collision, the near collisions, and details such as the Sioux Chief fuselage insignia on the Dorand and Spads - a change from the Seminole Warrior in use up to April of that year.

Time of Execution: 65 Hours
Technique / Media: Fine Line Graphite Rendering
Size: 11" x 14"

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