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Doc Off The Line

Joseph F. Wetmore was a medic for the 11th ACR and is shown here just after he stepped "off the line" at a Forward Aid Station at age 19 somewhere in the Iron Triangle in 1968. The jungle med-evac scene includes 6 stretcher bearers with casualty, 2 troopers convalescing in the GP medium tent, 3 I.V. bottles, a First Aid Station sign on engineer stake, and a Huey dust-off ascending away. A C-rats Winston is in Doc's mouth, and a Saint Christopher medallion around his neck. And oh yeh, note those "stylin'" Army-issue glasses!

Time Of Execution: 35 Hours
Technique / Media: Etched Rendered Graphite
Size: 11" x 14"

illustrationdrawingmedicHueytentSaint ChristophermedallionstretcherjungleWinstonfirst aidsigncrosscrossesstationengineerstakeslideshowScott Wiley11 ACRDoc Wileydw