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Vietnam Self Portrait


“Return From Patrol” is part of the Wiley Studio Patriot Series and is the first work featured in “As You Were” - an ongoing collection of illustrations drawn from authentic field photographs brought back by Vietnam Veterans; including the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment.

“Return From Patrol” portrays Sgt. Scott E. Wiley; a gunner on Sheridan 27 - G Troop 2/11, at age 20 just after returning from a foot recon patrol west of the Iron Triangle somewhere near the Cambodian border in the late Fall of 1971. One primary photograph and several support photographs and visual files were used to build the detailed scene. Accurate realism and a large familiar inventory were included to “make Vietnam Vet’s memories come alive”.

Time Of Execution: 71 Hours (Interestingly, the same year I was there.)
Technique / Media: Etched Rendered Graphite
Size: 11" x 14"

Look Close:
Military Inventory in “Return From Patrol”:

Sheridan with 152mm main gun and Ma Deuce faced at different azimuths, linked fence RPG screen and 2 engineer stakes, spare road wheel, sledge hammer, tanker's bar, heavy tow chain links, channel locks, screwdriver, 2 rolls of concertina wire, shoe laces, 2 ACVs in background with poncho's suspended overhead, ACV .50s and Pigs (M-60s) with gun shields, 6 boxes of .50 / 7.62 ammo, two butt-taped pairs of 16 magazines, PRC-77-25 radio with cable, headset and antennae,1 x 16 bandolier of magazines, 4 frag grenades,
Claymore with "Front Toward Enemy" visible, clacker, det cord, utility belt and harness, machete, bayonet, 3 steel pots, para cord, dog tags in boot laces, 2 canteens, 3 bottles of mosquito repellent, first aid kit, booney hat with hand-drawn cross, 11th ACR patch, peaches, pound cake, beef stew c-rats, 2 P38 can openers, Zippo lighter, battery powered pocket light, 4 individual cigarette pack of Marlboros, Seiko watch showing 0700 - the time of return from patrol, jungle gloves, strewn towels and rags, 1 Vietnamese centipede and 1 Vietnamese cobra snake, environmentally accurate jungle foliage, me at age 20; hot, tired, hungry, thirsty, scared and numb - made "contact" and had to carry the Prick that time, 3 Huey’s, 3 Cobra gunships, 1 Chinook with suspended fuel bladders, Ace of Spades, Punji stake foot trap with detection marker.



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