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"Woodcutter's Revival" is an unusual book - hats off to Jerry. Doc's illustrations can be best understood while reading the text. Doc's Illustrations are known for accuracy, detail, symbolism, variety, and sometimes unusual subject matter combinations and perspective. Readers and viewers have appreciated Jerry and Doc's work, and have noted how close author-illustrator friendship drove inspiration and added punch to a great story line. Buy the book and absorb the message and illustrations. Like Jerry's and Doc's lives - it will be an adventure. The book can be purchased at  Woodcutter's Revival and Amazon

Ch14: Stewart Grows With The Job

Man-Stuff... ..a pair of late 1800‘s authentic U.S.-Made Romer handcuffs and key, tacked up by square-head nails on the sheriff’s wooden jail-house wall in bright sunshine.

Stewart continued his education in real life - by getting falsely arrested. No worries; he patiently won all he needs by book’s end. Bright sunshine paints the jailhouse wall to counter Stewart’s present gloom and give him hope.

Time Of Execution: 19 Hours
Technique / Media: Etched Rendered Graphite
Size: 7.5" x 10"

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